We often get asked similar questions regarding the hire of our VW camper vans. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions below.


We often get asked similar questions regarding the hire of our VW camper vans. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions below.

Of course you can! Just let us know beforehand to make sure we have one
available for you to have a nosey at
When you confirm we will email you an invoice with our methods of payment on. A
£150 deposit is payable to secure your booking
We’re available pretty much round the clock to answer any queries – preferably
drop us a line if it’s outside the hours of 08.00 – 18.00 but we will aim to get back to
you as soon as possible.
We can be flexible to suit you unless we have a booking on that specific date. Just
contact us to discuss logistics
Simply clothing and food! We can provide bedding at a small extra charge (see
Prices page of our website). A handy inventory of items contained in the
campervan will be sent to you upon deposit so you know what to expect.
Well behaved dogs are fine to bring along with you on your holiday for a small extra
charge (see Prices page of our website). Any damage they make must be paid for,
of course.
Yes, and the awnings. But it’s only a short hop outside for a smoke!
Babs with large awning can sleep 6 people (adults or children) – 2 in her king size
bed, 2 in her roof bed, 2 in the awning sleeping pod. It’s best if the two in the roof
bed are children as they need a leg up! The drive-away awning is a handy addition
as it provides a whole extra space to spread out in.
No, just different! Ten minutes in and you’ll be an expert. Babs has power steering
and is right hand drive so you’ll soon get used to her. It is a totally different driving
experience – back to basics! That’s what a lot of our hirers enjoy most about it.
Babs is a new VW T2 Kombi Van who was manufactured by VW in Brazil, and
modified at Danbury Motorhomes in Bristol, UK. Beautiful, but basic, with a ratchet
dash board hand brake, tall gear with 4 gears, split side windows and a steering
wheel to match any bus. You will be expected to flash your lights or wave to her
fellow VW camper drivers along your route!
Anyone between the age of 25 and 75 who has held a full UK or EU driving license
for 2 years can drive our van although exceptions are always considered so if you
don’t fit the bill contact us and we can confirm with our insurers. If you have more
than 6 points on your license we need to get special permission so let us know.
Details required – Must have held a license for a minimum of 2 years, details of any
convictions, occupation and date of birth. We email you with a list of criteria upon
enquiry so you know you’re eligible to drive our vans.
Full comprehensive insurance, full breakdown cover, unlimited mileage, sat nav,
picnic table and chairs, all cutlery, crockery, cooking utensils/equipment, cooking
gas, plus tea & coffee, complimentary bottle of wine, biscuits and lots of other little
extras. A full inventory list is included in the camper vans so if it’s on the list, it’s in there
somewhere (you may need to rummage!)
The Prices page of our website includes full details. If you have any further queries
just get in touch.
Our camper vans use unleaded fuel. There is a fuel tank on each side of each van
but it’s only the one with the key hole that is used. We fill the tank for you before
collection and ask that you bring it back full too.
In the unlikely event that you do breakdown, you can be safe in the knowledge that
your camper van hire includes full breakdown cover, so they should be your first port
of call (phone number in manual). We do ask that you call us if you have any
problems, as it may be something simple we can talk you through over the phone.
We provide essential service items for the breakdown service, just in case they need
them. In the unlikely event that they can’t get you going again, we aim to have an
alternative sorted for you as soon as possible.
Of course! You leave your vehicle at your own risk but it is fine to leave it with us for
the duration of the hire.
We can certainly pick you up free of charge from Harrogate train/bus station.
We ask for a non-refundable deposit of £150 to secure your booking.
This can certainly be arranged, within reason, for an extra fee. We calculate the fee
based on mileage so just approach us for a quote.
The Customer must present two forms of identification (in addition to their driving
licence photocard and paper counterpart) when collecting the Vehicle. At least
one should include the Customer’s home address and should be dated within the
last three months. Acceptable forms include, but are not limited to, passports, bank
statements and utility bills.
Yes. Baby seat provision is the responsibility of the hirer, and it must be noted that
the seat belts on the rear seats are ‘lap’ belts, and do not go diagonally across the
body. Babs has three lap belts in the back and a diagonal belt in the front on the
passenger side. We urge you to satisfy yourself that your van of choice ‘baby
friendly’ and safe before committing.
We recommend pootling along at 50mph to enjoy the scenery. On the motorways
try not to go above 60mph if you can help it and watch out for high winds!
You can usually get 30 – 35 mpg.
Yes, our vans are all set up for full-on glamping, as long as you’re at a campsite with
a mains hook-up connection. You shall go to the ball!
There is a recipe book full of ideas for camper friendly meals. We recommend you
either cook easy one pot dishes or bring them already made to be reheated.
Alternatively why not bring your BBQ or stock up at the local supermarket with some
buffet style treats? Many campsites are often within walking distance of a nice pub
restaurant or two so that’s always a nice idea for a night off.
The double hob in Babs is fuelled by a large propane tank underneath in the
cupboard, connected by a tube. If you should run out you’ll find a one burner
CampingGaz Bistro in the van that can be used until you can get a refill. Campsites,
petrol stations and gas suppliers sell what you will need – remember to keep the
receipt so we can refund you!
We would definitely recommend this. If you can’t get electric hook up the leisure
battery may flatten because the fridge and lights run off it. Also you won’t be able
to use the plug sockets if you don’t get electric hook up and let’s face it; it’s nice to
be able to charge your phone/iPod! It is possible to go without though and if this is
the case you may need to run the engine for about 30 minutes to charge up again.
The battery that starts the van can’t be flattened by having these things on though
so don’t worry about not being able to start the engine. The worst that would
happen is you would need to use a torch for a bit!
She has a handy roof rack so do remember that this means there’s a height
restriction. She has mains 240v hook up and leisure battery, an optional awning and
CD player with AUX input. She has a pop up roof and plug in heater.
She never fails to draw a smile or a wave wherever we go. People just love to see
her pootling along and you’ll feel like a celebrity sometimes, the number of people
who come and say hi to Babs (and you)!

  • Megan & Matthew Itson - York

    The customer service was first class, and the addition of the best complimentary goodies we’ve ever seen. Driving Jemima was simply ace. Such a great memorable weekend! Can’t wait for the next xxxxxxx

  • Marc & Regina Lawton - Sheffield

    Jemima is great. A perfect lady. Shes seduced us with her vintage charms and great sound system…thanks also for the wine and the cakes – really appreciated.

  • Melanie Deniau-Young & Family - York

    We will definitely keep a great memory with Babs and I got a feeling that it is not the last time we take her on the road!

  • Zoe and Emily Holborn - York

    We really, really enjoyed staying in Babs and just want to say how great we think your customer service is – it’s the little things that go a long way! We will be recommending you to all our friends 😉

  • Pete & Caz -
    Hull, Who just keeping coming back!

    Thank you so much for letting us have Babs again and for seeing in the New Year with her. It was very special! We loved our time with her and we are already looking forward to getting together again in the Spring/Summer

  • Mr & Mrs Hayler - Somerset

    The weekend was a great success for us and we are spreading the word about Retro Runaways.

  • The newlyweds, Mr & Mrs Tom Rayner - Leeds

    Thanks for making our day – Jemima brought back memories of our first adventure around Europe 14 years ago!

  • Clare and Steve Adams & family - Leicestershire

    Had a great time holidaying in your cute campervans and will definitely be back for more retro fun next year!